About Us


You are interested in a bit more „wow“ in your and your kids fashion-life? Here we are: little wow!

Who we are:

We are Henriette and Lara, 38 and 40 years old. We studied fashion and humanities and have been in the fashion business for many many years. 

Shopping at little wow! means:

  • very special selected pieces - brillant design, high quality and longevity
  • the promise that our suppliers have environmental awareness and uphold fair working conditions and fair wages
  • no strict girls and boys categories - we want that our fashion pieces can be worn gender-neutral
  • two passionate women who are keen on finding the best section of kids clothes to bring the little wow! to your kids closet

We do this because we are curios like children, we are crazy about fashion and we love tracking trends. And last but not least we find our biggest inspiration in our sharpest critics: Our own 5 little kids.